Reality Check


#1 I can’t trust the photos on your website. They might be manipulated!

True, agencies often use manipulated photos or even completely fake photos. However, we don’t accept advertiser escorts with photos that are fake or heavily manipulated. Don’t take our words for it – just ask our companions to send you a few private or amateur photos before you book a meeting as a reassurance of their appearance.

#2 Some of the ladies have their faces blurred. It’s probably because they have ugly faces!

He he, no it’s NOT true. The explanation is really quite straightforward. The ladies live normal lives and often keep it a secret that they offer companionship services. Their families and friends don’t know about it and they are very often concerned that someone they know will find and recognize them on our website. The ladies will usually e-mail you unblurred photos if you ask. If you find an escort website with many stunning looking girls all revealing their faces, then there is a high probability many of the photos are fakes. It’s quite unlikely that not one of the many girls would be concerned about the risk of being recognized by family and friends.

#3 The advertised price is just an indication. Everything is negotiable.

NOT True.. The advertised rates are fixed and offer very good value for money. Maybe other agencies or ladies are willing to reduce their prices, but this is either an indication the rates are set too high in the first place or a proof of desperation – and is it really as enjoyable to spend time with a companion, knowing she accepted a very low price just because she is desperate for money. We think not. Our sincere advice is to respect the advertised rates and refrain from futile haggling – it will also earn you a much more positive attitude from your future date

#4 Your companions are not really independent.

Not true! Traditional agencies will refuse you all direct contact with your preferred companion until the day and hour of the meeting. They insist to control all contacts - mostly to secure their sizeable commission. Our companions are accessible for direct communication before the meeting. They will reply to your inquiries themselves and you arrange the details directly with your preferred companion.

#5 Advance payments or deposits are unjustified and often just a scam!

Very true, and that is why you will not be required to send any money before a meeting! If you meet a lady in her own city or if the meeting requires the companion to travel – in which case you book and pay for flight or train tickets directly to the ticket issuer – then there is no need to send any deposit or advance payments. Some websites advertise stunning girls, low prices and sometimes even travel costs inclusive – all they ask is that you send a 25-50% deposit. Sure, if you believe in the Tooth Fairy then it’s a brilliant idea to send hundreds of $ or € to an anonymous male name in a foreign country. What can possibly go wrong!

#6 The companion will be reimbursed all travel expenses on arrival.
She can trust me…… well, because I say

Sorry, unfortunately not true - though we wish it was. In a perfect world the ladies could just buy tickets for their own money and travel to a meeting in the knowledge the client will show up for the meeting and reimburse the expenses. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world; not all men honor the agreements they enter into. Please be reasonable, she knows you only through an anonymously looking e-mail address and a phone number. In the special case you want to meet a companion in a different city than her own and it is not possible or convenient for you to arrange transportation, then it is necessary to send a modest amount before the meeting to cover tickets and other expenses.