Questions we wish you would ask.


#1 Why is your service better than the service of an escort agency?

Because of the personal touch! Choosing a companion for private and intimate moments is a matter of chemistry between two people – in this case two people that haven’t previously met. Our system allows you to communicate directly with the companions you have an interest in; providing you at least a little impression of the lady you eventually decide to meet. The chosen lady also gets an opportunity to know a little about you and your expectations or ideas. In fact, this is a unique opportunity to establish positive relations which carry over to the meeting itself. First impressions are lasting impressions.

#2 Are the photos representative for the companions’ real appearance?

In general yes, if only you remember that all professional photos are retouched to some extent. It is a very common concern and the use of heavily manipulated photos are so common among the less serious agencies, that many clients have become quite disillusioned about the whole thing. We can – as is mostly done by other agencies – provide you with all kinds of empty reassurances and guarantees that our advertisers really look the same as on the photos; but in truth there is only one genuine remedy for your doubts; and that is to ask the companion to e-mail you a few recent private photos, so you can see with your own eyes the undistorted truth.

#3 Can you recommend me a companion?

Yes and No! On one hand all our advertisers are recommendable. On the other hand we cannot recommend any particular companion in preference to any other without knowing exactly what you are looking for in a companion. We truly believe they all have something special to offer - and at the end of the day it entirely depends on your requirements, likes, expectations and ideas which of the ladies are the perfect match for you. We recommend you to first explore the biographies and presentations of our ladies; pick a handful or so and send them an inquiry hinting at the ideas and expectations you have. The replies you receive will usually indicate which companion will be the best match. If not then you are always welcome to begin the process all over, contacting more of our advertisers.

#4 Will I meet the same girl I booked? Past experience tells me not to trust any assurances or promises.

This is something we also hear a lot. The girl that appeared for the meeting was not the same girl you found on the internet and booked. It’s quite easy for agencies to make a nice webpage with 20 or 30 stunningly looking girls even if the agency only have agreement with a handful not so stunningly looking girls. The agencies often really don’t care… they just send whoever they have that resemble the photos on their website just a little. The agencies gamble that once the girl has arrived and the client has prepared for a meeting then he will accept a different companion than the one he booked, simply because if he reject the girl it will be impossible to immediately arrange a different girl. This problem cannot occur when you book through our service, because you are in direct contact with the girl you will meet during the booking process and you have the opportunity to ask for her everyday photos before you commit.

#5 May I talk with a companion via phone etc. before I book her and then decide?

This is actually a common question. Most agencies would never hear of this and will make up excuses why it is not possible. Many of our advertisers don’t have a problem with it and are willing to talk via phone with men they are about to meet. However they cannot talk with everyone – that would unfortunately soon be abused by a lot of men with completely different agendas than arranging a meeting; so here’s the way to do it. Agree and arrange the details of the meeting with your preferred companion via e-mail as normal. When all is agreed then ask if a short phone call is possible….it usually is, providing that is the last thing remaining before you can decide about a meeting!

#6 Which erotic and intimate services are companions obliged to offer?

The short answer is…. None! Erotic and intimate services are always at the ladies’ discretion; there can never be any contractual obligation as far as intimacy goes. Of course all companions are well aware of clients’ general expectations and many even openly advertise which intimate services they usually agree to. However, you will need to agree the details directly with the companion you book; any activity that occurs between a companion and you is a matter of a personal choice between two legal-age adults.

#7 I found lower rates elsewhere. Is it possible to obtain a discount?

There’s almost always someone, somewhere willing to undercut a low price, but remember the adage “You get what you pay for” and if you pay a very low price for companionship then you usually get very low quality companionship to match…. if you can even rely on someone showing up for the meeting. Remember, low reward equates little incentive to honor an agreement. So the answer is that our advertisers all have agreed not to engage in price- dumping… and they keep that promise, so save yourself the haggling trouble. Anyway, our ladies’ rates are fair and reasonable already – and because they are not under pressure to reduce their rewards they are always top-motivated to meet you with an accommodating and positive attitude.

#8 Do I have to make advance payments when booking a meeting?

Our companions generally don’t require advance payments or deposits if you book a meeting with them in the same city they live in or if you arrange and pay for the travel (often air or train tickets) to the city where the meeting is. However if you wish to meet a companion outside her own city then it is necessary to send her a modest amount, covering tickets and other travel expenses before the meeting.