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27 years, 162 cm

"Petite blonde chick "



Basic info about Victoria

Availability: Worldwide
Languages: English - conversatiional
German - basic
Home city:



Age: 27 years
Profession: beauty salon owner
Education: Antropology & art
Height: 162cm (5′ 4 ″)
Bust: 88 cm (35″)
Waist: 60 cm (23″)
Hips: 89 cm (36″)
Eyes color: blue-green
Hair : light brown
Smoker : no (adapt)

About me

I'm happy to have cought your eye. In the lines below I'll give you an idea about what kind of person you are going to meet...

Since my childhood my father told me that if I have any wishes, the whole universe will come together to fullfill them. I started to get to know the world and understood that the more I know, the more I feel like I know nothing about the world.

And my greatest wish was to get to know the world, to learn, to stimulate my development, and not to stop until I wanted it myself.

I studied social anthropology and art studies. Anthropology and the relationship to the different kinds of art have taught me to be open, not to judge the world around us and to get to know it. The openmindness brings with it some kind of serenity.

I Therefore I like men who are welll-balanced and have control over their lives. And because they posses self-confidence, this enables them to be a true gentleman and be inspiring for both women and other men.. Because only this makes testing new limits and facing new challenges possible.

Together, enjoy new experiences and inspire each other. The opposite to love to other people (but also to yourself) is not hatred or ignorance, but fear. Only a balanced and self-confident man is a strong man, who is inspiration for others.

I like learning a new thing, learning new possibilities; it's a food for our mental self and the only mind progress we can do.

I love culture across all that it has to offer; starting with ballet and opera, ending with a mainstream concert at the club.

It will be my pleasure to get to know your desires, personality and experience something special together.


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Victoria's Rates

These rates below are travel exclusive.

Duration Rate
2 hrs 360 €
3 hrs 420 €
6 hrs 650 €
12 hrs 790 €
24 hrs 990 €
48 hrs 1490 €
+ 24 hrs 490 €
Travel expenses
Prague free
Vienna 100 €

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