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Nicol, 27 years, 170 cm PRAGUE (CZ)

Jeanette, 27 years, 164 cm PRAGUE (CZ)

Alexa, 28 years, 168 cm BRATISLAVA (SK)

Sharon, 23 years, 170 cm Bratislava (SK)

Aileen, 26 years, 166 cm BRATISLAVA (SK)

Leila, 25 years, 170 cm PRAGUE (CZ)

Patricia, 35 years, 185 cm PRAGUE (CZ)

Laura, 27 years, 165 cm PRAGUE (CZ)

Nicolette, 24 years, 172 cm OSTRAVA (CZ)

Rose, 28 years, 163 cm PRAGUE (CZ)

Cheryl, 25 years, 166 cm Bratislava (SK)

Caroline, 26 years, 175 cm Bratislava (SK)

Jenny, 32 years, 178 cm Bratislava (SK)

Kylie, 22 years, 170 cm Bratislava (SK)

Carley, 31 years, 166 cm Žilina (SK)

Mia, 24 years, 169 cm PRAGUE (CZ)

Zara, 25 years, 170 cm Bratislava (SK)

Ester, 29 years, 170 cm PRAGUE (CZ)

Kiara, 30 years, 170 cm PRAGUE (CZ)

Danielle, 24 years, 163 cm BRNO (CZ)

Meggie, 34 years, 176 cm BRATISLAVA (SK)

Our companions offer

  • - Exclusive and personal companionship
  • - Direct communication before meeting
  • - Absolute discretion and confidentiality
  • - Transparent and competitive rates


The Gentleman’s Booking Rules

First impressions are lasting impressions, so make sure you avoid the embarrassing pitfalls that put yourself in an unflattering light. Read more


1–2–3 Agreed!

1st STEP

Chose one or more companions you are interested in. Send her (or them) an e-mail mentioning as a minimum when, where and how long you would like to meet her.

2nd STEP

After receiving a confirmation of the companion’s availability provide and agree all relevant details directly with the companion. At this stage you have the opportunity to ask the companion tactful questions of relevance for your time together

3rd STEP

When all details and travel arrangements (if relevant) of the meeting are agreed between you and the companion then confirm her that the meeting is “on” and provide her with your phone number if not already done earlier. She will then also provide you with her phone number.

Reality check


Legal Disclaimer

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